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6149 Dunham Rd, Maple Heights, OH 44137
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Fundraising Flowers

It's easy to fundraise with flowers at different times of the year.
Fundraising flowers are popular items for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas holidays, spring and fall. Flower funraisers are fun and profitable.

Novak's Flower Shoppe would like to partner with your organization, school, club or church group.
Novaks Flower Shoppe offers a convienent and hassle free program to raise money for your organization.

Here are some ideas for fundraising with flowers:
Valentines Day
Almost everyone buys flowers for their loved ones on Valentines Day and there's several ways to use it as a fundraiser. First you can contract with Novaks Flower Shoppe to buy roses and other flowers at a discount.

Next pre-sell your flower bouquets and roses ahead of time through flyers (provided by Novaks Flower Shoppe) word-of-mouth, and direct sales. Novaks Flower Shoppe offers a wide variety of choices from a single rose to a beautiful bouquet, you can sell them arranged or loose, whatever you choose.

Mothers Day
Mothers Day is another great holiday for fundraising flowers. Again take orders in advance for bouquets Novaks Flower Shoppe will provide the brochures, you can take the order forward it to us and we can deliver them for you on MOthers Day Week, your group will get a percentage of every sale, a very easy way to make money for your organization.

Novaks Flower Shoppe can also come out and have your group make their own arrangments with our workshop program, its fun, easy and everyone is instructed on how to make your arrangement, our staff has been doing this for over 20 years its one of our most popular fundraisers everyone goes home with a beautiful arranegment hand crafted by you for your mom.

Christmas Flowers
At Christmas time poinsettia are another great flower fundraiser. Take orders in mid-November and deliver a few weeks before the holiday season. Novaks Flower Shoppe offers a variety of Christmas arrangements in our brochure you have many styles of bouquets, gift baskets, plants and much more to choose from, they make a great gift idea as well as earning money for your organizations.

Again our Christmas Centerpiece workshop is very popular, create you own centerpiece with fresh pine, candles, vibrant red carnations, pine cones, velvet bows and white mums and earn money for your organization while learning to design.

Novaks Flower Shoppe has a flower fundraiser for any time of year it doesn't have to be a holiday, June is national rose Month do a fund raiser in off season time and prices are even better. September is Good Neighbor day, celebrate the day, with a rose for your neighbor and earn mney for your group, there are lots of days and ways to earn money and enjoy the giving of flowers to bring a smile to the recipients face.

Fundraising with flowers is easy and quite profitable when you tap into a existing market demand. Call Novaks Flower Shoppe today and speak to one of our fundraising staff members to help you choose the right flower fundraiser for your organization. Call 216-663-2906 and ask for the Flower Fundraising Division let's get you started on a fun and profitable opportunity that will make lots of money for your group!!

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